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Panama City Beach Dolphin Tours
Shell Island Dolphin Tours

Panama City Beach Dolphin Tours

Panama City Beach Swim With DolphinsOur Panama City Beach Dolphin Tours will be one of the most memorable experiences you will have while visiting Panama City Beach. Our dolphin tours only carry up to six passengers at a time. You will be able to get up close with dolphins from our Shell Island Dolphin Tour Boats. Our expert captains are locals with some of the best knowledge on dolphins in Panama City Beach, Fl. Our Shell Island Dolphin Trips hit all of the best spots for dolphins. Your experience aboard Panama City Beach Dolphin Tours will create memories that will last a lifetime for you and your family. Be sure to bring your camera because you will want to capture the extraordinary beauty of this adventure!

To reserve call: 850-630-1278

Our Shell Island Dolphin Tours will depart from the North side of the park in Grand Lagoon and cruise across the Pass. From there and beyond, all eyes must be on the emerald green waters in search of these social, friendly, magnificent sea mammals. Participants of any dolphin encounter must always keep in mind that as humans, we are investigating THEIR habitat. Bottle nose dolphins call the warm waters surrounding the Jetties of St. Andrews State Park and the Island home. Swim with Dolphins Panama City BeachNearly every time our Panama City Beach Dolphin Tours set sail, we see dolphins! They are jumping, playing, searching for dinner, and communicating with one another. It is also their natural behavior to constantly be on the move. While we hope to have a dolphin sighting on every cruise, due to the nature of the mammals, we can’t guarantee it. We can assure you that, based on our years of experience, our boat captains will do their best to provide an incredible day of sightseeing and water entertainment.

Snorkel Gear is Provided!!!


  • 8:30 TO 10:30
  • 11:00 TO 1:00
  • 1:30 TO 3:30
  • 4:00 TO 6:00
* Times are subject to change. Reservations are recommended on this trip. Please note: A minimum of 3 tickets/riders must be purchased if your group is 2 or smaller. To reserve call 850-630-1278.


  • Prices are: $49.00 PER PERSON (includes snorkel gear)
  • Private Tours: $249.00 (6 people max)
* Cancellations (you will be charged a $50.00 fee for a no call/no show)